In which I claim my word for 2021


I wrote couriosity in my journal for 2021 and gave it another look. I misspelled curiosity, but then I realized that the word combines Courage with Curiosity.

Couriosity: To have the courage to follow one’s curiosity. Being fearless in taking the next right step towards ones curiosity. As in, “There are many reasons not to go to Divinity School in ones 50’s, but couriosity got the better of me and here I am!”

Sometime last fall, I promised a professor that my papers’ audience would be my friends, mostly in Asheville, and that I would reach them with a blog. Unlike many of my classmates, I don’t preach, and I needed to define an audience and method of communication.

Couriosity gives me the courage to find out what will happen if I launch my promised blog. Where will a blog lead me as I pursue my interest in the Divine Feminine? Thank you for joining me on this adventure.

Following my heart into 2021!

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