About me

Beth Maczka

As a Nonprofit advocate, I focused my 33+ year career on racial and social justice issues that primarily impact women and People of Color. Affordable housing, access to credit, legal aid, quality childcare, and police reform brought me together with others in organizations and coalitions to bring about needed reforms.

My spiritual journey started in the Catholic Church, continued with the study of Eastern Religions at Davidson College, and took me to India several times, including a year’s Watson Fellowship to study women’s religious communities. After a 16-year hiatus, I returned to organized religion through the United Church of Christ and now through the Alliance of Baptists. My long-term interest in the Divine Feminine led me on my sabbatical to Europe in 2018. It ultimately led me to graduate school at Vanderbilt Divinity School during the pandemic of 2020.  

I am a grateful mother of two exceptional young women, Kenzie and Gaven Bell, who continue to bring great joy to my life. I am also delighted to be married to Don Russell, who I met on a “practice” blind date,” not expecting to find love in my 50’s. Our beloved Schnoodle, Jed Bartlet, keeps us laughing, walking, and exploring our new home in Nashville, TN.

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